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Motion Picture and Television Projects currently in development.

Feature Films

alternate titles:
"Kill Shot" ,"High Caliber"

Genre: Action/Thriller
100 minutes PG13 or R
Demographic: 18-34 Male
Writers:   Niall Cassin
copyright 2015
contact: jj@newintegrityfilms.com  



Log Line

An ex-marine sniper is blackmailed into assassinating five crime lords.
He must stay ahead of the police, outsmart gang members and bring his captors to justice in order to save his sister's life.  

Story Synopsis
Rooker is an ex-Army sniper, just returned home from Afghanistan and all he wants to do is get drunk, party and not take orders from anybody.  He surprises his sister Melissa, who he hasn’t seen in years at the local bar. Tells her exciting stories of close calls and near misses. The night ends on a high when he hooks up with a beautiful blonde.  Everything is going great for Rooker. 

That is until his eyes open the following morning; his hand is cuffed to a metal cable in an abandoned building. With a phone ringing in the next room, he follows the cable into an old canteen overlooking a city.  On a table is a sniper rifle.  He puts on the ringing headset, a sinister voice gives him a chilling ultimatum; assassinate Detroit’s top five crime lords in one day or his sister dies.  Given no choice, Rooker reluctantly agrees to play this deadly game.  Confined in this location by the cable, he must dispose of Detroit’s criminal kingpins using his unique set of military sniper skills.  Each target presents its own difficulties and obstacles… each more challenging than the last.  Each shooting gains the attention of two determined detectives, who get closer to Rooker's location with every shot he takes, along with revenge seeking gang members who are combing the city for his hiding place. With time running out to save his sister and the walls closing in, Rooker must rely on his wits to stay ahead of the police, outsmart the blood thirsty gang members and bring his scheming captors to justice.

For more info contact: jj@newintegrityfilms.com